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Play Overview | What's My Game Today?
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Ep 1: The New Gold Rush

Ep 1: The New Gold Rush
Three ambitious brokers-by-the-bay, and, strive to outsell one another in a cutthroat market filled by demanding young tech clients. Andrew is a real estate veteran who has tackled nearly every challenge in his career. except for predicting the mistakes of a co-lister in an affluent suburb. Justin is a native San Franciscan who knows the city inside and out, but runs up against a tough client who wants more than Justin’s tech network may be willing to spend. Roh is a relative newcomer who must prove his worth to his new business partner with the biggest and most stressful listing of his (more…)


Premiere Date: October 25, 2014 – 10:00-11:00PM ET The Gold Rush was the largest mass migration in American Historywith hundreds of thousands of fortune seekers eager to stake their claim to the billions buried beneath California. Henry mines for little-known nuggets of truth about untold greed, vigilante justice, dangerous and destructive practices. even secret societies still in existence today. See the far-out history of how Gold Fever REALLY panned out for Americans attempting to make their wildest dreams come true. Premiere Date: October 18, 2014 – 10:00-11:00PM ET Though its often defined by gambling, mobsters, and broken dreams, Las Vegas has a background far more diversefrom the Depressions impact on the city, to a Presidents surprising influence, to its history as a patriotic tourist destination.
It attracted the biggest personalitiesa famous recluse who helped get rid of the mob, and a larger than life legend that fell victim to the citys vices. What happened (more…)

‘Gold Rush’ Season 6 premiere date and Oregonian Todd Hoffman’s ‘staggering’ goal (video)

'Gold Rush' Season 6 premiere date and Oregonian Todd Hoffman's 'staggering' goal (video)
the big-dreaming gold miner who lives in Sandy, Oregon, returns with his fellow prospectors for Season 6 on Friday, Oct. 16, at 9 p. m. on the Discovery Channel. The two-hour kickoff launches a new season of what Discovery says is its number-one show. So what’s coming up for and “Gold Rush” veterans and? Will they spend the season sitting around a campfire, drinking cocoa, and agreeing they’ll all find more gold if they work together?
Nah. Where’s the drama in that? According to Discovery, Season 6 promises “bold new challenges, new equipment and massive power shifts. It’s a battle like never before among the crews as they push to find the most gold yet. ” They say that every year, but what the heck.
The new season brings a new development for Hoffman, who’s turning “Gold Rush” into a family (more…)

Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park, Seattle

Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park, Seattle
This is a bit off the beaten path, but worth the short walk from Pioneer Square to visit. At the beginning of the museum, visitors are asked to select a historical figure from the gold rush then proceed to different sections depicting stages in their challenging journey. At each area, youre able to read about the status of your (more…)

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This Date in Native History: On January 24, 1848, a millwright named James Marshall discovered gold along CaliforniaБs American River, forever changing the American West and prompting the largest mass migration in the history of the Western Hemisphere. Marshall was hired by the California land baron John Sutter to erect a sawmill along the south fork of the river. Sutter, who was building a private empire on 50,000 acres of Indian land near Sacramento, kidnapped Natives and forced them to work for him in conditions that were akin to slavery. According to a written history of the town of Sutter Creek, California, Sutter paid his Native workers with cheap pieces of tin that could only be redeemed at his store and punished them if they left camp.
Sutter achieved large-scale success around the time of the Mexican War, but the gold rush proved ruinous for him. Among the men working on SutterБs Mill were (more…)